15 Different Types of Australian Parrots

Australian Parrots
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Australia’s diverse bird life has made it one of the most popular destinations in the world for birdwatchers and ornithologists.

This has to do with more than 600 species recorded as having been sighted within its borders. There are many common birds that everyone knows about.

But there are several Australian parrots you might not have heard of before, and they’re equally fascinating to learn about!

Meanwhile, in this article on Australian parrots, we’ll introduce you to 15 different types of Australian parrots you didn’t know existed.

Furthermore, information on each species, habitat, appearance, and diet would be given. This would be done along with some fun facts you may not have known about these unique creatures!

Table of Contents

  1. Western Rosella
  2. Eclectus
  3. Red-Tailed Black
  4. Rainbow Lorikeet
  5. The Swift 
  6. Nanday Conure
  7. Varied Lorikeets
  8. Red-rumped 
  9. Carnaby’s Black
  10. Cockatoo
  11. Pacific Parrotlet
  12. Galahs 
  13. Scaly-breasted 
  14. Mallee Ringneck
  15. Budgerigar or Budgie 

Western Rosella

The Western Rosella, often called rosellas or rosellas, is a medium-sized (22 cm long) cockatoo endemic to Australia. It is a common pet introduced to New Zealand and Hawaii.

The species is commonly found in most of Australia’s woodland, savannah, and shrubland. The Western Rosella’s diet includes seeds, fruit, buds, flowers, and insects.

Also, It nests in tree hollows where both parents incubate the eggs for 26 days. Four or five pale blue eggs are laid that take an additional 35 days to hatch.

Nestlings take approximately 70 days to fledge. You can’t imagine being lonely playing around with Australian parrots.


The Eclectus Parrot is a native to New Guinea and is an endangered species. It’s also one of only a few species that have red coloring on its feathers. They are one of a kind in many ways but come with unique needs that other parrots don’t have. 

Mostly, this has to do with temperature control and environmental factors. Australian parrots are such pets you can keep as pets.

Red-Tailed Black

The Red-eye Tailed Black is an example Australian parrot, and it’s called Dharra. It is a medium-sized black cockatoo in woodlands and farmlands across southern Australia.

The Red-Tailed Black-Cockatoo has a black head, a bright red tail, and yellow irises. The beak is pale yellow with a dark tip. 

Furthermore, the underparts are white with narrow red bars on the abdomen. Its undertail covers the lower breast and an inverted yellow U shape in front of each eye.

Juveniles have brown eyes until they are around seven months old when they turn yellow like adults. Moreover, if you need to present your kids with pet gifts, Australian parrots are a perfect choice.

Rainbow Lorikeet

This bird, known for its bright colors and ability to learn words, is also one of the most popular in Australia. The colors on each bird vary greatly and tend to change based on age and mood. These birds can be domesticated but tend to bite if they are not socialized early on.

In addition to biting, Rainbow Lorikeets are known for their unique calls that sound like squeaky wheels or rusty hinges. Australian parrots are amazing pets to be around with.

The Swift

The Swift, an example of an Australian parrot, is the tiniest parrot in Australia. It is also one of its most enigmatic. It was believed to be extinct for 90 years until a sighting in 2016.

This tiny bird is only 5-6 inches, 12-15cm long, with a lifespan of up to 30 years. However, the female lays just one egg at a time.

Nest sites are so hard to find that they lay their eggs on bare branches without bothering to build nests. This is more common among birds that predators threaten, but these guys were thriving and surviving fires! 

Moreover, when human settlements and introduced species fragment habitats, these habitat generalists do better than other species. I guess you must have been familiar with Australian parrots by now.

Nanday Conure

The Nanday Conure is part of a small group called ‘The Green Cheeked Parrot .’These birds are endemic to New Guinea and Australia.

Nanday Conures have an enormous beak, which can cause problems for their human handlers when it comes to hand-feeding them.

They’re very loyal and make outstanding companions when interacting with humans. You’ll have no problem making them feel at home in your home or apartment. Thanks to their small size and quiet nature.

Furthermore, this bird is considered one of the most beautiful parrots. So those who love bright colors will enjoy having one around! The male Australian parrots come in a variety of brilliant shades.

However, the females are green or blue on top with lighter coloring below. Wao! Australian parrots are lovely and thoughtful pets.

Varied Lorikeets

Lorikeets are a trendy pet in Australia due to their ability to mimic human speech and other noises. They can usually be found inhabiting eucalyptus trees in suburban areas.

The lorikeet is also inebriated because it drinks large amounts of ethanol from any available source. These include nectar and overripe fruit. However, this behavior has been linked to sexual success in both males and females.

However, it can also lead to intoxication followed by death. Lorikeets are protected under most states’ wildlife laws. Hence, they should not be taken from their natural habitat unless doing so would improve their quality of life. 

Usually, they have been orphaned. Moreover, Australian parrots are classic pets that make beautiful sounds.


‘Red-rumped,’ one of the Australian parrots is the red-wing parrot. It’s also known as a crimson-rumped parrot. Red-rumped is a species of Psittaciformes. 

This bird is typically found in Northern Australia, Queensland, and New Guinea. They were first described by John Gould in 1851 and were once thought to be classified as subspecies.

Also, these Australian parrots are medium-sized, with a length from 13 – 15 inches long. Red-rumped Parrots have green foreheads and crowns, which give them their distinctive red-crowned appearance.

The rest of their body is mainly bright green with blue wings and tail feathers. This Australian parrot can live up to 20 years with proper care! Great! Australian parrots are birds with long spans.

Carnaby’s Black

The Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus latirostris) is a medium-sized black cockatoo endemic to south-western Australia. These Australian parrots are easily identified by their white cheek patches and yellow eye-rings.

Also, they can be mistaken for King Parrots because of their red beaks. As with all members of its genus, it feeds on Eucalyptus buds, gum, leaf petioles, and shoots. 

However, outside of the breeding season, these birds wander widely in nomadic flocks with other birds from their range. Individuals tend to form bonds that last for life. Australian parrots are pets that can live very long.


The sulfur-crested cockatoo is one of the Australian parrots that is noisy. It’s a social bird that makes its home in tropical northern Australia. His distinctive crest and vibrant yellow feathers make him easy to pick from other parrots.

Furthermore, this long-lived species often makes its home near rivers. It also uses abandoned nests from other birds or even trees that have fallen over. 

On top of his impressive plumage, he’s one heck of a vocalist reputedly able to mimic human speech! Let’s hear it for Mr. Cocky Cocky speaking! Are you learning from this article on Australian parrots?

Pacific Parrotlet

Not to be confused with Pacific parrot fish, these brightly-colored birds are native to Australia. They are part of a large family known as Neophema, and have black feathers, white faces, and grey feet. They eat insects, berries, and seeds and often mate for life. 

Surprisingly, It’s said that one pair of this type of Australian parrot can lay over 200 eggs in their lifetimes! The nest is made from mud pellets and is lined with soft grasses before being covered with sticks or grass.

Chicks stay in the nest until they’re about 18 days old before leaving to learn how to fly. Australian parrots are fantastic pets!


Galah is believed to have evolved from a native sulfur-crested cockatoo species. It has been introduced across all significant parts of Australia.

Such introduction is with feral populations found in Tasmania, Norfolk Island, and New Zealand, where it is known as kererū. 

Usually, in Australia, galahs are other examples of Australian parrots commonly seen in urban environments like parks and gardens.

These areas provide an easy source of food and shelter for them. Although their name might imply otherwise, these colorful little birds are not intelligent. 

However, they make for entertaining pets due to their ability to imitate human speech. Indeed, Australian parrots are excellent pets worth rearing. 


Found in Australia, New Guinea, and Tasmania. Scaly-breasted lorikeets are long-tailed, slender birds with feathers that look like scales along with their breasts. The males have a redhead, chest, and beak, while females are duller in color. 

Besides, these birds eat pollen and nectar from eucalyptus flowers. The name lorikeet comes from an Aboriginal word meaning rainbow lorikeet. Scaly-breasted is one of the superb Australian parrots around you.

Mallee Ringneck

The mallee ringneck is a small, compact bird with a thick black head and neck. Its habitat is found in Australia’s mallee eucalyptus trees. The ring-necked pigeon is known for its ability to imitate human speech. 

Furthermore, this charismatic little bird also enjoys company, making it an excellent pet choice for aviary enthusiasts! These birds are great talkers and even better pets! They do best when hand-fed from birth as they can be very skittish if raised by their parents after fledging. 

Nevertheless, If one is kept as a pet, it should be kept in pairs or trios for companionship. I trust you must have been interested in Australian parrots by now.

Budgerigar or Budgie

The Budgerigar is a small, long-tailed, brightly colored parrot measuring 8 to 10 cm. It is also known as a budgie or affectionately as a budgie bird in aviculture.

There are five subspecies of budgerigars: Australian, White-cheeked, Tasmanian Rose, Pacific Blue, and Dusky.

These birds have been domesticated for over 100 years. Also, they are considered one of Australia’s most popular companion birds, along with canaries.

Budgies are inexpensive to purchase or adopt. Why? Because they are readily available at local pet stores such as Petsmart and Petco throughout most parts of America.


However, the bottom line is that Australian parrots are the best if you’re looking for a pet that won’t intimidate your family members. If you’re also looking for a pet that will give you easy pet care, get Australian Parrots.

They are intelligent birds that can learn to mimic your voice with ease. If handled properly, they can be friends with everyone in your household. So make sure to give them lots of positive attention and spend as much time as possible with them.

You will have a well-behaved companion for years to come! Australian parrots are friendly if they are provided with positive attention.

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