8 Different Types of Pigeons Found in Georgia

Different Types of Pigeons Found in Georgia
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Centuries ago, pigeons were used to deliver messages and express mail. In today’s modern world, they are considered pests because they often find their way into our homes and coo in the middle of the night, keeping us awake.

Every day, when you walk down the street and see pigeons, do you ever wonder what different types of pigeons are? 

Pigeons are usually considered to be familiar and mundane birds; however, there are many kinds of pigeons found all over the world.

Georgia, in particular, has a variety of pigeons! Which type of pigeon do you like most? Find out about the different types of pigeons found in Georgia and why we love them!

1. Rock pigeon

The Rock Pigeon, also called the Columba livia, can be found all over Georgia. It’s the most common type of pigeon and one of the most common birds in the world.

The rock pigeon has a dark gray or brown body with pinkish-white toes and red on its wings. They are giant birds and can be up to 18 inches long.

These different types of pigeons found in Georgia were initially bred as meat animals but have been bred for their meat less often since World War II due to other sources becoming more popular for meat production.

Rock Pigeons are most active at dawn or dusk and usually perch on trees or rooftops during the day to avoid predators.

2. Tumbler

The Columbariae pigeon, also called the Tumbler pigeon, has a rounded head, a broad chest, and wings shorter than the tail.

It’s mainly known for its acrobatics and tumbling behavior. These different types of pigeons found in Georgia are said to have originated from a mixture of two species: the Rock Dove (Columba livia) and the Barbary Dove (Columba barbara). 

They will eat most food items, but seeds are preferred. They can be seen in flocks or singly on rooftops, ledges, and windowsills across North American towns, cities, and rural areas. 

I find them fascinating as they are one of my favorite birds! There are many different types of pigeons found in Georgia. But these pigeons are one charming bird.

3. Red-Crowned Wood Pigeon

The red-crowned wood pigeon, also known as the Jambu pigeon, is a type of pigeon native to Southeast Asia. It has an orange and green head with a red crown, and its tail feathers are white-tipped. 

This type of bird prefers to eat fruit from the ground. The Red-Crowned Wood Pigeon (Columba jambu) is one species among the many different types of pigeons found in Georgia. 

4. House Pigeon (Passer domesticus)

There are many different types of pigeons found in Georgia. There are some with black and white stripes, others with a brown back and tan front, one with a blue tail, and many more.

The most common type seen on the streets and in parks across the state is the house pigeon (Passer domesticus), which has ray feathers that can quickly identify. 

These birds live inside houses for their entire lives but will fly away to find food when needed. House pigeons typically don’t go out at night because their eyesight isn’t as good. They make great pets, though- ensure you have lots of time to take care of them!

5. English Carrier pigeon

The English Carrier pigeon, also known as the Fancy pigeon, is a domesticated variety of the European Wild Rock Dove.

Carrier pigeons are bred for their homing ability and speed. They have excellent vision and can see up to three miles away. 

They are even able to see objects that are five miles away! These different types of pigeons found in Georgia are used for delivering messages and racing.

Carrier pigeons were considered so important during World War One that the British government awarded them medals for their service! 

6. Racing Pigeon

The Racing Pigeon or Tippler is a breed of domesticated pigeon for competitive racing. It derives from birds initially bred as carrier pigeons, and its short, dense feathering and smaller size make it quick and agile.

They are typically flown by expert bird-handlers who know the most direct route to their destination, with the goal being to fly straight while other competitors fly erratic routes to throw off the racer’s timing. 

The oldest known Racing Pigeon race was in London, UK, on September 17th, 1819. These are just a few examples of different types of pigeons found in Georgia!

7. Passenger Pigeon

The passenger pigeon also called the wild pigeon or the American rock dove is an extinct species. The bird was native to North America and a dove family member. These different types of pigeons in Georgia covered most of eastern North America. 

This species fed on acorns and other nuts; fruits such as blueberries, cherries, and grapes; insects such as grasshoppers and other agricultural pests; grain; small animals such as mice and frogs; snakes; snails; and worms.

Passenger pigeons were social birds gathered in massive colonies that could number between 100 to 200 million individuals at any time. These colonies stretched for up to 100 square miles. 

Their numbers threatened agriculture at times, and humans shot them in droves. This human interference with their population may have led to their extinction. By 1878, they had been hunted to extinction.

8. Fancy Pigeon

The Fancy Pigeon, or the Fantail, is one of the most common types of pigeons found in Georgia. It has a small head, a short neck, and a long body. The wings are broad and long with pointed tips. 

The underside is lightly colored with bars and spots, usually two bars on the wingtips. The tail feathers are long and deeply forked to resemble a fan or an old-style French coiffure.

They have been imported to America by man to be used as show birds, but they have become feral here because they can’t be tamed. 

You might see them perched high atop building ledges like they’re supervising their subjects below them. You will often see them nesting near power lines. These bright little creatures are somewhat famous and much beloved among pigeon enthusiasts.


The rock dove is the most common type of pigeon found in Georgia. The best way to tell if a bird you’re looking at is a rock dove is to look for the white spots on its wings and tail feathers. Another type of pigeon that lives in Georgia is the homing pigeon. 

Homing pigeons are incredible birds that can fly up to 500 miles daily! They were initially bred by Europeans as messengers but were later used by North African tribes as food. The primary identifier for this type of bird is its dark tail and wings with white spots on them. 

We hope this blog post was helpful to you! If so, comment below or share the blog post with someone you know. Want to learn more about Georgia Pigeons? Click here for more information on Georgia’s other birds.

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