4 Types of Gray Duck Breeds

Gray Duck Breeds
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Gray Duck Breeds and Ducks, in general, are well-liked not just as livestock for the production of eggs and meat but also as companion animals and display birds.

As a result of people breeding domestic ducks with wild ducks from different parts of the world, including Asia, Europe, and North America, numerous domestic breeds come in a wide variety of colors.

Gray is a desirable hue that one can find in many domestic breeds. It creates a stunning image when contrasted with other colors, such as white or Mallard Duck.

Discover more about these lovely ducks by reading up on the four different gray duck breeds.

1. Saxony Duck

In 1930, the Saxony duck was developed in Germany as a multi-purpose duck through the process of selective breeding.

The German Pekin, the Blue Pomeranian, and the Rouen ducks were used to create this breed, which resulted in a distinctive duck with striking color and a compact physique. These gray duck breeds are natural foragers, yet the breed serves as a good source of eggs and meat.

Saxony drakes have a pattern similar to that of Mallard ducks, although it is distinctive to the breed. The drake’s head, back, and wings are all a shade of blue-gray.

The breast feathers are a deep burgundy color with a cream underbelly and a white ring around the neck. The undersides and faces of females have white stripes and a buff coloration overall.

2. Rouen Duck

The Rouen duck is a breed of domesticated Duck that originated in France prior to the 19th century. It is a domestic breed of heavyweight Duck kept for decorative and exhibition purposes.

Some individuals keep Rouen ducks as general-purpose birds; however, they do not make excellent egg layers, and people do not raise them for their meat.

The Duck’s feathers are its most desirable trait. People easily confuse the Rouen duck with the Mallard duck due to their similar appearance, particularly the male Rouen duck’s green head and white collar.

While the hens are a deep brown with tan stripes, the drake has a gray body with ashy brown points and a deep claret breast. The drake’s head is a rich claret color.

In general, Rouen hens are darker in color than Mallard hens; nevertheless, the speculum feathers of both males and females of both species are blue.

3. Indian Runner Duck

The Indian Runner, A domestic gray duck breed found worldwide. It originated in Southeast Asia. The hen of this Duck can produce as many as 180 eggs in a single year, making it suitable for use as production or general-purpose Duck.

Pekin ducks and Indian runner ducks both have a few peculiar color mutations in common, including a light phase, a harlequin phase, blue and brown dilutions, and the pinto coloration.

The domestication of Asian ducks has led to the creation of different variations. At first, people bred the Duck, intending to develop a blue (gray) variation; however, later on, enthusiasts also created variants of black, chocolate, Cumberland blue, blue trout, apricot trout, and Mallard.

4. Swedish Duck

The Swedish Duck are well-known gray duck breeds that originated in Europe and came into existence under the custom of raising sturdy, blue-colored ducks that are difficult for predators to spot.

In the 19th century, People spotted Swedish blue ducks for the first time in Pomerania. Today, however, they inhabit most of Europe and North America.

They are suitable for use as farm ducks for various purposes, including as pets, ornamentals, and in shows. The drake and the hen have feathers that are a bluish-gray tint with a white bib on their chests.

The drake is different from the hen by its dark blue head and green bill, while the hen has a head and bill that are a blue-slate color.

The deeper gray color creates a striking contrast with the lighter white feathers on the outer flying feathers of the wings. The colors black and silver and a “splashed” design are also possible for Swedish ducks.


Domestic ducks, much like their wild relatives, can come in a plethora of hues, some of which are on the grayer side of the spectrum, such as charcoal, blue, and silver.

Each of the ducks on this list possesses a gorgeous gray variation in either the drake, the hen, or both, in addition to attractive markings that make them highly desirable as ornamental and show ducks.

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