15 Largest Chicken Breeds in the World

Largest Chicken breeds
Photo by samer daboul

Chickens are wonderful companion animals and produce meat that is both flavorful and good for you. They can also give you a consistent supply of eggs high in protein.

Certain chicken breeds are significantly larger than others, even though diverse varieties and individual chickens have distinct characteristics.

If you want to rear chickens for their meat or egg, or if you prefer your chickens to be on the larger side, then these breeds are extremely important to have.

We have listed 15 of the largest chicken breeds below.

1. Brahma

Dark Brahma
by dalemcneill is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0
  • Purpose: Dual-purpose (meat and eggs)
  • Temperament: Docile
  • Maximum Size: 10 pounds

Whether you believe it or not, the Brahma chicken is one of the largest chicken breeds on this list.

Even though this isn’t necessarily the breed that grows to be the largest, it is undoubtedly the one with the most incredible potential for growth.

A spectrum of colors in the Brahma chickens includes light, buff, and dark. The Brahma chicken is also available in bantam versions.

Due to its friendly nature, People referred to the Brahma chicken as the “King of Chickens.”

This breed of chicken makes an excellent companion. In addition to having feathers on their feet, Brahmas are known to be outstanding egg layers and can lay up to 300 eggs in a year.

2. Cornish

Cornish - cold weather chicken breeds
by podchef is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
  • Purpose: Meat production
  • Temperament: Docile
  • Maximum Size: 10 pounds

The United Kingdom was responsible for the first development of Cornish chickens throughout the 1800s.

This chicken breed is the parent stock of the famed Cornish Rock chicken, bred as a commercial meat breed. The Cornish Rock chicken is known for its flavorful dark flesh.

Cornish Rock chickens are a hybrid breed that tends to be prone to many health difficulties since they grow out so quickly; specifically, they can suffer from heart and limb problems.

These birds can be found in several colors and patterns, including white, dark, white-laced red, black, and buff, and can weigh ten pounds.

Although they are very tame, they are not typically kept as pets because of their inability to lay eggs.

Cornish chickens are gentle, but they aren’t quite as outgoing as Cochins, Jersey Giants, or Brahmas. Brahmas are the most outgoing of the three breeds.

You shouldn’t have to worry about them becoming aggressive, but you should still give them plenty of room to avoid any problems that could arise from dominance struggles.

3. Maline

Maline chicken
Image from backyardchickens.com
  • Purpose: Dual-purpose (eggs and meat)
  • Temperament: Docile
  • Maximum Size: 12 pounds

The Maline chicken is a breed of chicken that was developed in Belgium in the 1800s but is not very widespread today; and is also one of the largest chicken breeds in the world; it frequently competes with the Jersey Giant in its weight division, and the roosters of this breed can reach a staggering 12 pounds in weight!

Maline hens, despite their size, are known for their incredible tenderness and gentleness. They are wonderful to have if you have young children.

Both males and females have feathers like cuckoo-patterned feathers. Not only are these placid birds appreciated for their looks, but each year they also produce an average of 150 large brown eggs. This contributes to the overall relevance of the species.

There is also a variation of Maline known as a bantam, which can be purchased, but it is not as prevalent as the full-sized Maline.

4. Barred Rock

Barred Plymouth Rock - Heritage Chicken Breeds
by RikkisRefugeOther is licensed under CC BY 2.0
  • Purpose: Egg production
  • Temperament: Friendly
  • Maximum Size: 7 pounds

Since rearers first brought them to the United States in the 1700s, Barred Rocks have become an iconic American breed.

Roosters can be huge, weighing up to seven pounds, and just like hens, they have extroverted dispositions. Roosters can weigh up to seven pounds.

In addition to being exceptional layers, they can produce as many as 280 eggs in a year. This particular breed of chicken is known for having feathers barred with white and black, making it one of the most stunning to look at.

5. Dong Tao

Dong Tao
Image from baodongnai.com.vn
  • Purpose: Meat production
  • Temperament: Good-natured and trusting
  • Maximum Size: 12 pounds

Dong Taos are incredibly uncommon and can be traced all the way back to Vietnam. In addition to being classified as a breed of chicken in danger of extinction, they also possess one of the most peculiar looks.

The feet and legs of these enormous birds are bloated and expanded, and the average weight of one of these birds is about 12 pounds. The thickness of their legs is comparable to that of the wrist of an adult male human.

These chickens are typically not kept for egg production because of their enormous size and awkward build; they have a tendency to trample their eggs before they have a chance to emerge from the nest box.

As a result, keeping these hens is not recommended for egg production. In spite of this, the meat of these animals holds high value in Vietnam.

6. Delaware

Delaware chicken
by thriftyknitter is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
  • Purpose: Dual-purpose (eggs and meat)
  • Temperament: Easygoing
  • Maximum Size: 8 pounds

If you want a breed of chicken capable of producing both meat and eggs, the Delaware chicken is a great option to consider.

Although they aren’t the largest chicken breeds you’ll find, weighing only around six to eight pounds, they are excellent egg layers, producing roughly 280 eggs annually.

In the 1940s, Barred Plymouth Rocks and New Hampshire hens were crossed in a breeding program that resulted in the creation of Delaware chickens.

This type of broiler chicken is well-liked due to its snowy white plumage, and it matures rapidly and is generally pleasant to interact with.

7. New Hampshire Red

New Hampshire Red
by portmanteaus is licensed under CC BY 2.0
  • Purpose: Dual-purpose (eggs and meat)
  • Temperament: Hardy and aggressive
  • Maximum Size: 9 pounds

The New Hampshire Red is a new chicken breed that came to the limelight in the mid-1900s. Today, it is one of the most popular and largest chicken breeds.

The average weight of a hen is approximately six and a half pounds, whereas a rooster can weigh up to almost nine pounds.

These chickens can be used for eggs and meat but are most often bred for their meat output.

They have thick, stocky bodies meant to assist the bird in insulating itself from the effects of cold weather.

Because of its high level of aggression, this bird is typically at the top of the pecking order; therefore, it demands a large amount of space.

This dual-purpose chicken is an excellent compromise for folks who want eggs and meat from their backyard flocks since it offers the best of both egg and meat production.

8. Jersey Giant

Jersey Giant - Friendliest Chicken Breeds
By DanielPenfield, via Wikimedia, (CC BY-SA 4.0)
  • Purpose: Dual-purpose (eggs and meat)
  • Temperament: Relaxed and friendly
  • Maximum Size: 15 pounds

The roosters of this breed can weigh up to 15 pounds, making it one of the largest chicken breeds you are likely to come across.

Whatever the case may be, black Jersey Giants typically have a larger build than their white counterparts.

They were originally produced as a heritage breed in New Jersey and may reach a height of up to 26 inches, which is over two feet!

Since Jersey Giants are so sociable, many people choose to keep them as pets rather than as livestock on their small farms.

They are also excellent layers, laying around 150 to 200 substantial brown eggs annually. The average size of these eggs is about two inches long.

9. Cochin

Cochin Chickens - Exotic Chicken Breeds
by BrutcherSP is licensed under CC BY 2.0
  • Purpose: Dual-purpose (meat and eggs)
  • Temperament: Affectionate and easy to tame
  • Maximum Size: 5 lbs

The Cochin chicken is the next breed on our list of the largest chicken breeds.

These friendly, fluffy giants are capable of producing a remarkable amount of meat and have a really attractive appearance.

These hens have a thick coating of downy and fluffy feathers, giving them a really cuddly appearance.

They enjoy being petted and cuddled, and this is especially true of the bantam kind of cochin, which weighs only two pounds and is significantly smaller than the standard cochin.

Cochins are not difficult to tame and adore being rewarded with tasty goodies.

Adult Cochins typically weigh about 5 pounds, and in addition to that, they produce eggs. You can anticipate receiving approximately 160 eggs each year.

10. Orpington

Grey Orpington - Grey Chicken Breeds
by srte is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
  • Purpose: Dual-purpose (eggs and meat)
  • Temperament: Calm
  • Maximum Size: 10 pounds

The Orpington chicken breed is the next on our rundown of the largest chicken breeds.

This breed, which got its name from the town of Orpington in the United Kingdom, can be found in a few different color variants, including the following:

  • Black
  • Buff
  • White
  • Chocolate Cuckoo
  • Lavender Columbian
  • Blue
  • Columbian
  • Lavender
  • Splash
  • Chocolate

These two-in-one chickens have a very easygoing and laid-back demeanor. They can adapt well to their environment despite their size.

Orpington hens are an excellent choice for individuals considering hatching their own chicks.

Orpingtons are also known for producing high-quality eggs. You can expect approximately 280 eggs from each of these giant birds each year. Each of these hens weighs about 10 pounds.

11. Malay

Malay Chickens
By Tomtomgogo1 via Wikimedia
  • Purpose: Ornamental
  • Temperament: Aggressive
  • Maximum Size: 9 pounds

The Malay chicken breed is the tallest chicken breed. Although it does not reach the same level of girth as the Jersey Giant or the Maline breed, the Malay can reach a height of up to 30 inches.

It can be traced back to Europe as a cross of a genetic mix between chickens originally from India and those from the Malay peninsula. Because of their height, these birds gained prominence.

These chickens aren’t too shabby in their ability to produce meat and eggs, and they weigh around 9 pounds each.

Despite this, these chickens are uncommon and are kept as pets and in shows almost exclusively for their aesthetic value.

It is essential to keep in mind that Malay chickens have a reputation for being rather hostile.

These hens require a substantial amount of space since they can be more aggressive. They will act more aggressively in proportion to their level of self-assurance.

These chickens do not produce many eggs yearly, laying fewer than one hundred.

This is because the chickens lay eggs only during certain times of the year and will stop doing so in the middle of the year.

12. Langshan

White Langshan
by Kairon Gnothi (Opportunity Knocks) is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0
  • Purpose: Dual purpose (eggs and meat)
  • Temperament: Resilient
  • Maximum Size: 9.5 pounds

Chickens of the Langshan breed were first brought to the United States in the 19th century from China, where they originated.

The feathered feet of these chickens give them a distinctive appearance that holds high value in the competitive world of poultry shows.

Eggs laid by langshan birds have a dark brown color and can weigh up to 9.5 pounds each. On average, these birds produce roughly 180 eggs every year.

These chickens are rather sociable toward people, but the main reason people keep them is that they can withstand extremely high temperatures.

They can also withstand most climatic conditions and thrive well when left to fend for themselves.

The langshan chicken is a proficient forager and does an excellent job of obtaining its food.

13. Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Reds Common Chicken Breeds
by Garrett Heath is licensed under CC BY 2.0
  • Purpose: Dual-purpose (eggs and meat)
  • Temperament: Hardy
  • Maximum Size: 9 pounds

The Rhode Island Red is another well-liked breed of chicken kept because of the big size of its offspring.

Even though these hens were not bred specifically to be decorative breeds, they are still very attractive to look at since their crimson feathers are lush and silky.

Because of their high resistance to cold and low maintenance needs, these hens are a popular option for folks who want a chicken for their backyard that can fend for itself most of the time.

There are two strains of Rhode Island Red breeds seen today: industrial birds, bred for high egg production, and heritage birds, which are typically much larger than their industrial counterparts.

These heritage strains go far back to the earliest European settlers, and even though they do not usually produce as many eggs as the commercial strains do, the eggs they produce are enormous.

14. Australorp

Australorp - Friendliest Chicken Breeds
by Jean is licensed under CC BY 2.0
  • Purpose: Dual-purpose (eggs and meat)
  • Temperament: Hardy and docile
  • Maximum Size: 10 pounds

The Australorp is one of the largest chicken breeds that is gradually gaining ground in terms of popularity in the United States.

The “orp” in the name of this chicken comes from its connection to Orpington, which is where it originated in Australia.

The average rooster can weigh up to ten pounds, whereas a hen can lay up to three hundred eggs in a single year. Roosters are the larger of the two.

15. Belgian

Belgian chicken
by Stephanie Booth is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
  • Purpose: Ornamental
  • Temperament: Nervous
  • Maximum Size: 3 pounds

The Belgian chickens aren’t the largest chicken breeds, but they rank up as one of the tallest.

It is a rare breed developed explicitly for combat and has an exceptionally robust build. It has a strong brow, attentive black eyes, and very few combs and wattles on its head.

There are ten distinct colors and patterns on this chicken. However, most of them are variations of black.

In addition to having black skin, this bird also has black legs, hocks, and feet with four toes each.

This chicken can grow up to 30 inches tall, but even at its heaviest, it only weighs a few pounds and is virtually entirely composed of muscle.

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