Rooster Names: 36 Ideas for Your Cockerel

Rooster Names
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There are many beautiful rooster names out there. But some are more impressive than others, with their soulful and striking nature making them stand out from the rest. 

So if you want to find the right name for your rooster-worshipping religion or your new pet, this list of the most beautiful rooster names should help you find that perfect name.

They say never trust a man with two first rooster names, but what about a rooster named Cluck Norris? Inspired by Chuck Norris, Cluck is as rugged and tough as they come.

However, this isn’t just your average Rooster; Cluck is known for kicking butt and taking names.

Whether in a cockfight or on your farm, this little guy would fit in at any stockyard!

Rooster Names

Doodle Doo

Doodle doo is a fun name for your Rooster. It’s cute, unique, and can be used as a name for boys or girls.

This happy name is perfect for a lively, upbeat, intelligent pet.

Doodle doo also means an eccentric personality, so make sure you are ready to deal with that!

But if you want an exciting twist on your new chicken’s moniker, then go ahead and pick doodle doo.


Roo-Roo is a rare and exceptional name, but it’s also part of the adorable rooster names. Many people have called their roosters Roo-Roo because it’s cute and unique.

Also, It can be a real conversation starter, so give it a try if you want to attract attention. The meaning behind Roo-Roo is unclear. 

But it may come from an Australian Aboriginal word that means little red. If you like uniqueness in your pet names, consider giving your Rooster a name like Roo-Roo.

Big Bird

The idea that Big Bird is a rooster in an Internet meme. According to an Internet rumor, Big Bird was originally going to be called a chicken or Rooster. That is in one of his first appearances on Sesame Street. 

But producers decided against it for fear that it would give children nightmares. Since then, many fans have continued to insist that Big Bird is a rooster.

Some say he’s secretly based on Foghorn Leghorn; others say he’s just an anthropomorphized version of a real-life bird.

However, some even believe Big Bird isn’t his name, and they think he should be called Rooster and have plenty of evidence to support their claims.


The name Roo is a nod to our feathered friends. But it’s also part of the great rooster names for your sweet little boy.

Roo can stand on its own, or you can add a fun nickname like Cuz, Chick, or Peep. 

The only thing more gorgeous than Roo himself is his rooster relatives. If you’re looking for unique bird names, here are some more great ideas.

Little Pecker

This came out of the rooster names and is excellent for a small pet. This pet will be cuddly and fun.

But his size might make it challenging to do things like perch on your shoulder. 

So keep that in mind when deciding what type of home you want for him. Choosing rooster names has never been easier.

Therefore, find one you like and start calling your little pecker by his name! The sky is truly your limit!

Angry Bird

The roosters in a flock can often get into disputes and even fights. If you have one male Rooster, he does not get along with other males. Then you may want to call him Angry Bird.

Hence, this name is great because it has a funny ring and can give your Rooster some personality. 

In addition, Angry Bird seems appropriate for a bird who makes his presence known so loudly all day long!

Bird Lancaster

If you’re looking for a masculine-sounding name that still has an air of beauty, look no further than Lancaster.

The name comes from Lancashire, England, and is popular among fans of William Shakespeare’s plays. 

While it doesn’t sound wonderful on its own, it does come with a Latin origin meaning land between two rivers.

And if you want to give your Rooster a last name, that sounds as good as it looks on paper. Try Lancaster!

Roger Poultry

Roger Poultry may sound like a silly fictional character. But it’s rooster names that can be used to make people laugh for children and adults alike.

Also, there’s no better way to turn their frowns upside down than with an imaginary rooster named Roger Poultry.

This makes him one of the great rooster names, and he makes us laugh while we think about how delicious chicken eggs are.


You might think they don’t have names because they’re usually just called by their species: roosters. But these birds are adorable and somewhat clever. 

So we can get a little creative with our words to describe them. Here are some ideas for what to call your Rooster if you decide to adopt one as a pet.

The names below will also work well for any other animal in your family with that exceptional quality.

Chicken Fillet

Then, because of its similarities to other cool rooster names like Fletch and Filbert. Chicken fillet can be a fun name to choose.

And while it doesn’t exactly roll off your tongue. You may not have much to worry about when it comes to spelling, and most people will likely assume you mean chicken filet.

Hence, It’s also worth noting that if you decide to use chicken fillet as one of the rooster names. You might want to change your last name too!


Cockman is funny among the rooster names because it has an unfortunate double entendre. What you might not have expected from Cockman, however, is that it’s gorgeous! 

Cockman is just one of 8 excellent rooster names. Consider your future flock over for good after reading up on these lovable little guys.


We’ve seen all sorts of name trends for hens and chicks. We have yet to see roosters go viral. 

We’re convinced that Birdzilla, one of the rooster names, will take over; you wait!

Here are a few more rooster names that are too good not to share with you. Watch out, world! (Don’t worry; they’re all cute.)

Cockadoodle Fugdugbum

Have you considered naming your Rooster Cockadoodle Fugdugbum? Cockadoodle Fugdugbum is one of a slew of interesting names that are perfect for your Rooster. Or it would make good names for chickens.

Therefore, the concept behind these fun chicken names is also important.

If you have already thought about what breeds your chickens will be, it’s even easier to find great name ideas.

Rooster Cogburn

This is one of my favorite rooster names because it’s both funny and unexpected.

As a bonus, it’s based on an actual rooster character in a movie called True Grit. I love naming birds after famous (or semi-famous) people or places. 

Because they make me smile every time I say them! If you have a dog named Lassie, why not call your Rooster Rooster Cogburn? It’ll give you something to chuckle about when he crows.

Cockadoodle Moo

When naming chickens, roosters included, most people tend to gravitate toward serious-sounding monikers.

If you’re looking for a unique name that’s still recognizable and affectionate, Cockadoodle Moo is a great choice.

The handle was inspired by its owner’s father, who used to say cock-a-doodle-doo every time.

However, It’s not just an adorable name; it also has some real meaning behind it!

This unique chicken name will make your pet stand out from others in your flock. Since only a few hundred Cockadoodle Moo chickens exist, yours will be one of them!

Gregory Peck

If you are considering naming your Rooster after someone famous, Gregory Peck makes for a strong candidate.

A Hollywood icon, Peck is remembered for his roles in films like To Kill a Mockingbird and Roman Holiday. 

Perhaps most poignantly, Peck was nominated for an Oscar in 1956 for his leading role in the movie adaptation of John Steinbeck’s novella East of Eden.

There’s just something about making a cocky rooster channel Gregory Peck that seems magical.

Big Red

Big Red might sound like an old-school 1970s wrestler with a penchant for red spandex.

And an equally strong love for self-tanner is a name you can use to describe your Rooster.

However, Big Red is also a name that sounds good when rapping about roosters. But it doesn’t fit comfortably into any other sentence.


The meaning behind Perry is often explained as from a pear tree, but some say it could mean rock.

This cool name has a history; it was first used in England, and today we can see it popular on the charts. Famous, unique, and beautiful, what else could you wish for in a name?

Therefore, It is part of the excellent rooster names. Read on to find out what our rooster names mean!


Perry is an Anglo-Saxon name based on a transferred use of a surname derived from a place name, and it most likely means marshy ground.

The name was common as both a given and family name during colonial times; President Rutherford B.

Hence, Hayes was one notable bearer. This spelling variant of Perry also makes for an adorable rooster name!


Corvus is a Latin word for crow, which may give you an idea of what its moniker represents.

One famous Corvus is Dagwood Bumstead’s pet parrot from Blondie. This particular name out of the rooster names is mythological as well.

However, Corvus was a one-eyed Roman god that became associated with seers, prophets, and oracles.

He might be just what you need if you’re looking for a unique rooster name.


In American English, Perry is a whiskey made from pears. In ancient times it was known as a Falernian wine and enjoyed by Roman emperors.

The Romans called roosters Falernian hens because they crowded like cocks at dawn.

Nevertheless, This did not happen at daybreak in warmer climates like Greece or Egypt.

This might have been an influence on choosing Perry from the rooster names.

Therefore, the names of the most popular boys in England and Wales are Oliver, Jack, Harry, Charlie, and Jacob.

There’s Olivia, Emily, Jessica, and Lily for girls – but what about our feathered friends?


Rockwell is a classic name that has been in use as far back as 1925. It means rocky hill, inspired by a small village in Derbyshire, England.

It’s considered a masculine name and is not ranked on Baby Center or Nameberry. Instead, you can find Rockwell on Nameberry.


The way a rooster handles his hens tells you a lot about him. If he’s kind and caring, they’ll treat him well.

That goes for human roosters too, and that’s why we picked Rory as one of our most beautiful rooster names.

However, Rory’s namesake Rory Gallagher (August 14, 1948 – June 14, 1995), was an Irish blues-rock guitarist and singer.

He has also known for his soulful voice, virtuoso guitar-playing style, and innovative songwriting skills.

Also, He gained critical acclaim during his lifetime. But he has never achieved substantial commercial success despite releasing twenty-seven albums over four decades though I can’t think why!

Sweet Pea

There’s something quite delightful about names inspired by nature. And roosters have a long history with their names taking cues from flowers.

Among our favorites is Sweet Pea, which isn’t just a pretty name but also suits its namesake well. 

Moreso, Sweet Peas are known for being small and delicate flowers. Then, with large papery blooms that range in color from pink to purple to white.


It’s no coincidence that Ringo Starr, an ex-Beatle, is named after a rooster. And why not? Crowing in the morning is a rite of passage.

And it sounds like someone who will get up early to start your day right.

Plus, according to Feng Shui masters, roosters bring prosperity to households where they live.

If you want good luck and prosperity on your side, consider naming your Rooster Ringo for his birthday.


Many roosters are named after people who exhibit rooster-like qualities, and Cody certainly fits it. (e.g., fiercely competitive, strong-willed, loud, etc.).

His name means valiant, and he lives up to it every time he dons his magic jockstrap. 

However, with a name like Cody, you know that Rooster will be somebody someday.

He has that aura about him and believes in his destiny without being cocky or boastful, which is an admirable quality.


Cisco, with an origin derived from Latin, means vigilant. It also refers to a person who originated in Genoa, and the word can also be used as a surname. 

Therefore, Interestingly enough, the term Cisco is used to describe a male chicken. The meaning of Cisco is blind, although some sources say it may have meant son of Sylvester.

The latter definition was probably created due to confusion with another word with similar spelling and pronunciation.


Robin is technically a male’s name and has many feminine meanings. Using it as part of rooster names, you can pay homage to all your favorite Rooster means to you. 

While Robin doesn’t have any strong connections to roosters or chickens, there are plenty of ways that you can incorporate some history into your rooster names. Robin happens to be one of them!


It has some sass, and we love that. It has power, elegance, and sex appeal—just like a good rooster should. Have you seen how beautiful Isabellas are?

Therefore, the woman named Isabella has sass too. That’s why we think it would be perfect for rooster names.


As we said, many people use female names for male roosters. That’s great if you have an actual female chicken, but not so great if you have a boy chicken. 

So let’s add some male-sounding rooster names to your list, okay? We’re starting with Hazel, and Hazel is a beautiful and strong name that can suit both genders.

It sounds like a very handsome male name! If you want something more traditional, try Henry or Harvey.

Both are gorgeous boys’ names that work just as well on hens as on roosters!


It has been believed that April shares her name with a month in many languages.

The roosters born in April would be called April because they are born that month. In Germany, it is believed that roosters born on April 1 will grow up to be very courageous. 

Meanwhile, roosters born on Easter Sunday (April) will become excellent singers and dancers in Spain.

In China, roosters born on April 30 are said to be destined for great success. This Chinese zodiac sign is displayed to bring good luck and wealth.


Daisy is an adorable, sweet name that works for a rooster. The perfect animal name for someone born in spring or someone who loves flowers and will care for her flock.

The daisy flower is well-known as a symbol of innocence and purity, making it perfect for girls.


Cherry is a gorgeous name for your Rooster because it has an elegant and sophisticated sound.

The meaning of Cherry is ‘of or relating to a cherry tree’ in Old English, which is also very friendly!  

While it’s usually a female name, Cherry can be used as either a male or female name. Either way, you go; you won’t regret choosing such a lovely name for your beautiful roosters.


Mabel was an Old English word meaning servant. And it was also one of four Old English names in a group called Aethel or Ethel. 

Traditionally, names belonging to that group have been used for male and female babies.

If you’re looking for unusual rooster names with origins tracing back to England, consider Mabel. It’s not only beautiful; it has personal meaning.


Lily is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a girl’s name with strength. A popular flower name can be used as a given or family name.

Therefore, The meaning: of Lily is derived from Old English and has several connotations associated with it, which include pure, innocence, white/clear, brilliance/shining fragrant blossom, and lily flower.

Interestingly, it is a good name you can give to your Rooster.

Roo Roo Romeo

Roo Romeo has some serious potential as part of the rooster names. The exciting thing about roosters is that it seems as though most words work for them. 

Whether you prefer something classic or more out there, there are bound to be some rooster names.

If you’re looking for unique but beautiful rooster names, why not try Roo Roo Romeo? It’s perfect if your Rooster is sweet and cuddly (which they are).

But also if he can hold his own in a fight (which they can). Plus, with alliteration like that—Roo! Roo!—it just sounds good.


While they may not be as in your face as many dog and cat names, roosters are some of the most memorable.

They can withstand extreme weather conditions and other harsh situations yet still retain natural beauty that can’t be ignored.

However, as you’ve learned, having a rooster in your life can be beautiful and slightly irritating. But it’s all worth it for their unparalleled companionship.

Fortunately, the names on our list are lovely that will serve as excellent complements to any rooster owner’s life.

If you’re considering getting one, consider adopting or buying from a local rescue. There are always plenty in need!

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