5 Sign Your Bird Needs a Nail Trim

Bird Needs a Nail Trim

Birds are the sweetest pet for children and the greatest for adults plus they come in a multitude of breeds anyone can have a pick from.

Watching your bird sing, chat, chatter, and mimic a person, raising a bird is fun and full of experience but there are some birds that require ones daily attention and one of that area you will be working hard on in your bird is giving it the right manicure at the right time which is usually a monthly or bi-annually.

However, there are some signs you need to old at heart to know when it’s time to bring out the nail-cutting tools box and run around those lengthy nails.

While the cons leaving your bird to over-grow nail are disturbingly large in numbers, some of them include; weight loss, dullness in color, leg disease, and more.

Why then let any of these happen when you can actually follow the “prevention is better than cure” rule and stay ahead of all the cons?

With the list below, you will get to know what signs to lookout for when considering giving a cut to your bird pet today.

Hanging Nails? Your Bird Needs a Nail Trim

Mostly, every bird cherishes its digits than toys. This is an obvious fact in their eating, standing, and holding unto thing.

All of these activities and others do not only get difficult for birds especially the hands-on birds to carry out when their finger is too shabby, and the thing is birds won’t call you to take care of it even bird pets that can talk. To make things easy for you, check your bird’s fingers every day and measure with any available tape rule.

In case you don’t have a tape rule, consider buying a white rope a calibrating it yourself.  Once you find a bird’s nail too long, don’t hesitate to go for a cut. Mind you, birds are not of the same breed.

While a parrot may need to preserve its long nails, an owl may need to have the extra fingers shed away for comfort. The surest way to know which length is okay for your two-legged pet is consulting a vet and getting informed about it.

But basically, it is obvious your beak-mouthed companion needs nail trim when you discover less activities from its end.

It will have problem holding down prey and browsing around its cage though most people, this stage think their bed is sick. Also take note that when your bird needs a nail trim, you shouldn’t just cut with any razor blade or knife.

There’re some few nail-cutters specifically made to keep those shabby fingers in shape and you may need to walk into your nearest pet shop and make enquiry or better still, report to your vet.

Before cutting, wash the two legs and dry with a piece of towel or allow for a natural dry to ease the cutting process.

Regular Scratches? Your Bird Needs a Nail Trim

Except you’re keeping Cockateil or Finche, both of which are not hands-on bird pets. It is easy to know when your large hands-on bird needs to get a cut done on it.

Everyone once in a while caress their bird pet and most people place it on their shoulder taking it for a walk.

During one of these times, you may begin to receive scratches from your bird, although not intentional on your pet’s part. This scratch will continue to happen till you resort to trimming those sharp lengthy claws.

There are so many kinds of kits available for cutting your pet fingers in the market as of today and so getting one of a considerable price won’t be a problem for anyone who knows their ways around the market.

Things you should rather bear in mind when going for such shopping is the breed of your bird, sex, age, and size.

Some blades will easily cut through a particular breed with soft texture nails while you will need a set of hard or tough cutter for birds like parrots and rainbow.

In case you eventually find yourself in a cutting hazard, prepare a first aid box beforehand before taking your little guy to the vet.

Scabs? Your Bird Needs a Nail Trim

One thing you should get clear is birds don’t have scabs like human being though many people believe they do. Instead, they grow some scabby patterns on their skin owing to excessive long nail.

Let me explain better. According to experts, birds are prone to uneasiness and resort scratching their body when their nails grow too long.

You’ve to take note of this in order to address it before that finch develops a scab-like skin texture which can lead to further infection.

Addressing this kind of situation is better done earlier because it may lead to bleeding and it may be too late to rescue a bird.

Too Long? That Bird Need a Nail Trim

Mere casting a glance at some birds, a good bird keeper should know when a nail is too long without anyone informing him.

Inspect your bird every day and check for any unusual growth around the nail and see if it’s something you can take care of or else see an avy vet.

You may be informed to reduce the amount of a specific feed or to add a kind of feed to your bird’s diet as diet play a significant role in your flying friend’s growth.

Change in Perching Behavior? Your Bird Needs a Nail Trim

You won’t be able to always be in touch with your pet, but you have to spend some of your time with it. Observe the way it perches daily and take note of it.

Once you discover a change in the way it perches on the cage or the leg on which it perches, then you have look into it to see if there’s a need to trim some long fingers.

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