Tips for Starting a Backyard Poultry Farming Business

Poultry Farming Business

Poultry farming is one of the lucrative businesses you can do anywhere, especially in Nigeria. If you love agriculture and you feel rearing birds will be perfect for you, and if you want to start a small backyard poultry farm continue reading this article, it is for you.

Poultry farming is a form of animal husbandry which involves rearing domesticated birds such as chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese to produce eggs or meat for food. See Wikipedia for more definitions of poultry farming.

We will be focusing on broilers today, and if you need explicit information on how to rear other birds, kindly signify in the comment box, and we will create an article on that.

Let’s move on to the reason why you are here 😉 tips for starting a backyard poultry farm.

Have enough space for the birds

All right, listen. Just because it is a small poultry farm does not mean you do not need space for your birds.

There is a reason it is called “backyard.” Birds need space, especially broilers; they are not as tough as the old layers (golden comet hens) or the New Hampshire chickens.

Broilers are bred for mostly meat purposes, and they are not meant to survive for a long time, unlike the other poultry birds. Ensure there is cross ventilation and not shacked inside a tiny cage.

Furthermore, it is preferable when you leave alone (no tenants or landlords). Raising birds is not fun and games; it can be messy and smelling, which your neighbors may not find funny if you have your own house, perfect! Backyard poultry farm does not necessarily mean a deep litter system

Trust me on this; it is risky when raising broilers in a deep litter system; easy access to droppings can cause mortality.

I cannot emphasize this enough; broilers are not as strong as other chickens; they have little or zero tolerance for diseases and discomfort. Ensure they are above the droppings and not in it.

Seal the roof

Broilers are rain do not mix; leaking rook can cause mortality. I learned the hard way, learn from my experience. As soon as you notice a leaking roof, go to work immediately. Do not procrastinate, because postponing the job can lead to one or more dead chickens.

Vaccine! Vaccine! Vaccine!

No matter how strong your faith is, please, and please, wisdom is profitable to direct. Vaccination is essential; if you want to reduce mortality in your poultry farming business, do not forget to vaccinate your chicks in the first four weeks of their lives.

If you are getting four weeks old birds, you still need to treat them even though the “trusted” sellers tell you they have been given their shots.

To avoid new castle disease, coccidiosis and other bird-related diseases ensure to vaccinate your birds.

Clean water

First of all, just because they are birds does not mean they are not entitled to clean water. As a poultry farmer, whatever they put in their mouths should be of paramount concern.

So give them clean water to save them from contracting diseases.

Get ready to feed your birds

Ignore what self-acclaimed poultry farmers tell you, no drugs can substitute bird feeds. If you want your chickens to be big, strong, and healthy- then feed them.

Whenever I go to the bird store to get feeds for my birds, I hear people say, “please give medications that will enlarge my birds.”

Those drugs do not work without food, to be sincere, what the medications do is to give your birds appetites to eat more.

Now imagine shoving these drugs to your birds without making provisions for feeds? When you feed your birds moderately, not too much and not too little, you will get the perfect birds.

Farming, Poultry business to be specific is not a get rich quick scheme as many believe it to be.

The shortcut isn’t always the best route. Remember, people will eat these birds, watch the drugs you give to them, do not put people’s lives at risk just because you want to make some bucks. Humanity above all

Separate the weak ones immediately

As soon as you notice any frail bird, it is not the time to pray, neither is it the time to suspect your neighbor lol. Separate them immediately and call your vet for solutions.

May not be able to save the weak bird, but you have succeeded in preventing further mortality.

Call your vet

All right, I know you want to save money, and some vets out there care about selling drugs than actually helping your birds. That is why you have the internet, do your research, and compare the result with your vet.

Also, it is essential to make friends with poultry farmers; you learn from them and not compete with them.

That is all we have for you, for now, kindly like, comment, and share to help other people who would love to go into the poultry farming business.

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